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Healthcare Financing

Innovative Patient Financing For All

Take your practice to the next level with Folium Choice

We make it easy to help your patients get the procedures they need - regardless of their credit score. With Folium Choice, you can now confidently offer flexible Medical Financing, knowing that your patients can continue their treatment.

Get started today and unlock the power of Choice.

  • One application to a Multi-lender platform

  • (up to 35 lenders)

  • Financing amounts up to $200k

  • Wide variety of term lengths up to 84 months

  • Credit approval, no matter what the client's credit profile

  • Interest rates start at 4.99% (subject to credit tier)

  • No recourse to the Provider on defaulted consumer payments

  • Decisions that take a matter of seconds

  • Easy, pain-free processing

  • The clinicians can receive 100% of the funds within 48 hours


The Challenges We Are Solving

Is your practice experiencing the frustration of patients being turned down or receiving insufficient funding from traditional lenders? Are you constantly faced with the difficult decision of turning away patients in need of care? You're not alone. Countless healthcare providers find themselves in this predicament on a daily basis.


In today's healthcare landscape, an increasing number of individuals lack the necessary insurance coverage to receive the care they require or are burdened with high co-payments under inadequate insurance plans. As a result, they suffer in discomfort or see their conditions worsen due to a lack of resources for treatment. But now, there's a solution at hand!


With Folium.Choice Patient Financing, your practice can offer flexible and extended payment terms to patients, regardless of their credit situation. This risk-free financing alternative provides an opportunity to help more patients access the care they need by offering them flexible payment options.

Whether you choose to utilize Folium.Choice as your primary financing option or as a second look alternative, it can make a significant difference in your practice. By providing more flexible options, you can increase patient satisfaction, attract new patients, and ensure that financial constraints do not stand in the way of receiving quality care.

Say goodbye to turning away patients in need with the Folium.Choice Healthcare Financing package!

Offering prospective patients alternative payment options can make all the difference in retaining their business or losing them to competitors. By providing flexible payment solutions, you can ensure that financial constraints don't become a barrier to receiving the care they need.

Stop taking unnecessary risks and missing opportunities with patients who lack the financial means, credit availability, or high credit scores required by traditional financing options like Care Credit. With Folium.Choice Patient Financing, you can bridge the gap and provide flexible payment solutions that meet the needs of all patients. By promoting these options in your community, you can unlock a significant increase in business and attract patients who value your commitment to accessible and flexible payment options.

Make Folium.Choice Patient Financing your go-to solution for patients in need or consider it as a reliable alternative for those who may have been turned down elsewhere. With its flexible terms and inclusive approach, Folium.Choice provides an opportunity to serve a wider range of patients and ensure they receive the care they require. By incorporating Folium.Choice into your practice, you can expand your patient base and demonstrate your commitment to finding solutions for everyone.

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We offer various options to cater to your specific needs. If you're seeking personalized guidance and support tailored to your market, click the button below to schedule a One-On-One program review for financing. Alternatively, if you're interested in exploring our comprehensive Out-Of-Box Solutions and how they can benefit you, click the button for a detailed breakdown walkthrough. The choice is yours – let's start this journey together and unlock the possibilities that lie ahead!

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