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Introducing Folium.Choice's No Credit Needed Lease Option

Providing Solutions for Home Comfort

Folium.Choice believes that everyone deserves a comfortable and functional living environment, regardless of their credit situation. Our easy application process and quick decisions allow individuals to explore financing options and receive approval within seconds. We provide a simple and transparent lease agreement that outlines the terms and conditions, making it easy for your customers to understand and navigate.

We are here to Help You and your customers.

By partnering with Folium.Choice, you can expand your customer base and provide solutions to individuals who are in immediate need of home comfort improvements. Our No Credit Needed Lease Option empowers your customers to address their air conditioning or water heating needs without delay, improving their quality of life and enhancing their home environment.

We are here to Help You and your customers

Quick qualification and funding

Good credit, bad credit, no credit ok

No application fee

Approvals up to 100% of the project cost

Flexible lease terms

Affordable payments

Up to 9 month early payoff discount

Soft credit pulls

Featured Items


No interest, No Payment 3 and 4 months promotions available with no retroactive interest charge


Approvals into the low 600 FICO score


No credit lease-to-own program up to $12,000 and a term of 48 months up to 9 month early payoff discount


Multi-Stage funding available

One application

One application/Multiple lenders

Rates as low

Rates starting at below 9.95% with amounts up to $75,000

Up to 12 years

Maximum term up to 12 years

No Interests

No interest 6 and 12 promotions available with no retroactive interest charges 

Program Review

With Folium.Choice's

No Credit Needed Lease Option, individuals can access financing solutions of up to $12,000, regardless of their credit history. With flexible terms of up to 48 months, we offer a unique lease program that covers the entire project, including installation.

Unlike other lease programs, Folium.Choice understands the importance of addressing the complete scope of a home comfort project. We go beyond financing the equipment itself and also cover the installation costs. This ensures that your customers can fully benefit from a seamless and hassle-free experience, knowing that the entire project is taken care of.

Dont Miss Out

Don't let credit limitations prevent your customers from accessing essential home comfort solutions. Contact Folium.Choice today and discover how our No Credit Needed Lease Option can transform the way you serve your customers. Together, let's provide comfort and peace of mind to individuals, regardless of their credit history.

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We offer various options to cater to your specific needs. If you're seeking personalized guidance and support tailored to your market, click the button below to schedule a One-On-One program review for financing. Alternatively, if you're interested in exploring our comprehensive Out-Of-Box Solutions and how they can benefit you, click the button for a detailed breakdown walkthrough. The choice is yours – let's start this journey together and unlock the possibilities that lie ahead!

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